Compensation Secured for Injured Location Manager by The Legal Line Personal Injury Solicitors in Leeds 01/02/2006 Dangerous Working Conditions Cause Accident

A freelance location manager was recently awarded substantial compensation for an accident at work that left him with fractures to his elbow and kneecap. His case was handled by The Legal Line lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors in Leeds.

At the time of the incident Mr Hordley was working for Granada Television on “The Quest”, a programme based on the early life of David Jason and directed by Mr Jason himself.


In October 2001 whilst based in the Lake District, severe weather conditions made the area very hazardous and caused serious damage to the set. As high winds were causing dangerous “mini tidal waves” on the lake, the client and a colleague were sent to another area nearby to assess it for suitability.


After checking the area and finding it to be unsafe for use, Mr Hordley and his colleagues were about to return, when a strong gust of wind knocked them from their feet. As Mr Hordley was closest to the side of the road he was blown from it and into a rocky gully, suffering serious injuries.


Employers’ Negligence


The production management at Granada were made aware of the level of danger that the weather conditions posed prior to this accident. In a crisis meeting involving the four most senior people there, including Mr Jason as director, it was decided that the shoot should be completed as it was planned to be the final day at that location. This was despite advice that continuing to film would be too hazardous.


Mr Hordley and his colleagues also voiced their concerns about visiting the proposed alternative location to the production management, however this was disregarded.


As he felt that the management’s choice to ignore the obvious risks caused his accident, Mr Hordley sought legal advice from The Legal Line lawyers in Leeds , who handled the case on his behalf.


Accident Compensation


Our personal injury lawyers were able to successfully secure compensation for Mr Hordley in respect of his injuries and losses caused by the accident.


He commented “I am very pleased with the outcome and the support I’ve received from Thompsons Leeds. However I have had health problems ever since the accident and no amount of money can compensate for the stress and pain that I have endured.”


Injury Compensation Advice


If you have suffered a personal injury as the result of a workplace accident, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in all areas of personal injury and can provide you with the advice you need on a confidential basis.


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