Compensation Claim for Wheelchair User Injured at Concert 10/10/2008 A lack of health and safety measures at a pop concert led to a wheelchair user suffering a personal injury. Our lawyers assisted her in recovering compensation.

Injured in a Public Place


Our client was using a designated area for disabled people at a concert. When she arrived she found that non-disabled people had been allowed to sit in chairs amongst those in wheelchairs.


At the end of the performance many of the people stood up to leave and a chair in front of our client was pushed backwards towards her. It became caught under her wheels and caused her to be tipped backwards into a railing.


Personal Injury Claim


The claimant felt that the organisers of the concert were responsible for her accident, as access to the disabled area was not monitored and it was like a ‘cattle pen’. She appointed our expert personal injury lawyers to assist her in making a claim for damages.


An HSE guide in relation to the organisation of concerts highlighted that the arrangements were completely inadequate and the disabled area was far too cramped. The Judge held that the entrance to the enclosure should have been more closely monitored, there was insufficient room for wheelchairs to be manoeuvred and the public seats should not have been in the same area, or at the very least should have been secured into place.


Our client was awarded compensation in respect of her injuries.


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