Personal Injury Claim for Accident in Public Place 16/09/2008 A successful compensation claim was recently made by our specialist personal injury lawyers, on behalf of a woman who suffered a personal injury due to damaged fencing on a lane.

Personal Injury


Our client was walking along a lane that ran alongside a park and play area. She badly injured her face and eye on a piece of metal fencing that was damaged and protruding into her path.


As a result of this accident in a public place, the claimant was left with scarring to her eye and nose and problems with her vision. She required hospital treatment and had to take some time off from work.


Accident Compensation Claim


The claimant felt that the organisation responsible for maintaining the park and its fencing had failed to ensure that it was kept in a safe condition, and therefore caused her accident.


She appointed our expert lawyers, who have extensive experience in public liability claims, to assist her in making a claim for compensation. The defendants admitted liability and we were able to negotiate a settlement of £13,000 in damages, in respect of our client’s injuries and losses.


Injury Claim Advice


If you have suffered a personal injury in an accident caused by the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to claim compensation.


Our lawyers have many years of experience in recovering compensation for injured people, so can provide specialist guidance on how best to pursue your claim. Contact The Legal Line on 0800 0328511, or by completing an online claim enquiry form, for confidential accident claim advice.