Council Worker Compensated for Severe Crush Injury in Accident at Work 13/06/2011 In a recent personal injury claim, our specialist lawyers assisted a man who suffered a serious injury in an accident at work. He was left permanently disabled as a result of the accident and we secured compensation on his behalf.

Injured by Vehicle at Work


Our client was working with colleagues, collecting refuse and loading it into a wagon. He was on foot and had directed the driver through a turn in the road. After the driver finished the manoeuvre and stopped our client began to pass the wagon, however the driver then moved it again unexpectedly and our client’s foot was crushed beneath one of the wheels.


As a result of this workplace accident, our client suffered severe damage to his foot. He had to remain in hospital for a number of weeks and underwent several operations in an attempt to reconstruct his foot, including skin grafts. Unfortunately the reconstruction was unsuccessful and at the time of settlement a below knee amputation had been determined as necessary. He has been left with permanent pain and deformity and a substantial disability.


Prior to his personal injury our client enjoyed sports and exercise and his primary occupation had been in the construction industry. Because of the accident however he is no longer able to work, cannot enjoy his hobbies and has restricted mobility. He requires assistance from family members with basic tasks such as cooking and cleaning and has difficulty sleeping because of the pain. He was also affected emotionally by what happened.


Personal Injury Claim


The claimant felt that his employer was responsible for the accident. The correct procedure is that the driver should not move the vehicle until they can see that all the loaders are out of the way and this procedure was not followed. He therefore instructed our expert personal injury lawyers to assist him in making a compensation claim.


We were able to obtain an interim payment in the course of the case, to help our client with his needs until the claim was concluded.


Although the other side did not admit full liability, we were able to secure damages in the sum of £700,000 on the claimant’s behalf. This sum took into account aspects including the pain and suffering caused by his injury, his loss of past and future earnings, the costs of medical treatment and transport, housing modifications to accommodate his disability and the costs of care and assistance he will require in the future.


Accident Claim Advice


If you suffer a personal injury in an accident at work, or any other accident caused by the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to make an injury claim.


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