Restaurant Accident Victim Receives Injury Compensation 19/05/2010 A woman who suffered a badly broken leg after an accident in a restaurant received compensation recently, in a personal injury claim handled by our expert lawyers.

Accident on Unsafe Staircase


Our client was visiting a restaurant with her family when she suffered an accident, resulting in a personal injury. She was returning to the dining area after using the toilets, which were on an upper floor. The staircase was very narrow, with no handrail on either side, and the area was very dimly lit. The steps had a smooth, tiled surface and some were sloped at a steeper angle than others.


She slipped and fell, suffering a serious leg injury. She suffered a compound fracture to the bones in her lower leg for which she required extensive hospital treatment. She had to go through a protracted rehabilitation period, throughout which time she had to rely on her family for assistance.


Although the client made a reasonable recovery from her injuries, she continues to suffer from some residual symptoms, as well as noticeable scarring to her leg, which will be permanent.


Personal Injury Claim


Our expert personal injury lawyers took up the case on behalf of the injured woman and pursued a compensation claim against the restaurant. They initially denied liability, but eventually we were able to persuade them that this was a case in which the client was entitled to compensation.


It was necessary to commence court proceedings in order to obtain a reasonable settlement proposal from the other side. We were however eventually able to secure a suitable sum of damages for our client before the case went to trial. This included an interim payment we obtained to help her financially whilst the claim was in progress.


Specialist Accident Claim Advice


If you suffer an injury as the result of an accident in a public place, such as a restaurant, shopping centre or on a public pavement or road, you may be entitled to make an injury claim.


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